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TTOI - Malcolm
Hello! If I have added you, it means I don't mind you looking at my crappy icons. Now, don't feel compelled to look at them or anything.

I did add a few of you who make awesome icons. So maybe you can give me tips. Especially if you use Photoshop. I am trying to actually learn how to use it properly rather than my current method of just hit or miss discovering cool tricks by accident.

I created a personal LJ rather than a comm, because I don't think I will ever be all that great an icon/graphics maker and also I wanted to be able to make private posts. Because for some reason I can't tell until I upload icons into LJ whether I like them or not. Which means I will be posting icons that are works in progress, often. And I may be posting a lot at first, but that is what the ability to scroll is for!

Oh, and if you actually want one of the icons feel free to snag and even alter if you would like. Just credit arathesane because blenderstabulae(Blender's Tabulae, btw, is how it is supposed to be read) is ridiculous.


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